Important information on returned devices and how they are handled

We kindly ask you to register all shipments of goods that you want to return to SAMSON for repair, warranty clarification, or conversion in advance. Contact your local engineering and sales office or your SAMSON subsidiary to do so.
Alternatively, you can register devices for return by e-mail to Returns-DE(at) provided they are not exempt. Please include the following information on the goods to be returned:

  • Type
  • Article no.
  • Configuration ID
  • Original order
  • Filled in and signed Declaration on Contamination (SD 1700-0267 DE/EN)

When we have checked your registration, we will send you a return merchandise authorization (RMA).

Attach the RMA – together with the declaration on decontamination – to the outside of your shipment so that the documents are clearly visible.

Make absolutely sure that your shipment is sent to the address given on the RMA.

If your return registration is rejected, we will let you know immediately how to proceed in this case.

If this procedure is not observed, we reserve the right to refuse shipments and return any unsolicited shipments at the sender's charge.
We may be forced to invoice the sender for any cost incurred.

Goods returned for repair or conversion

As the inspections are very time consuming, we will adapt our flat-rate fees as specified below if no repair order is placed after an estimate has been created, if our inspections show that a device is damaged beyond repair or if repairs are no longer economically viable.

If an after-sales order is placed, 100 % of the fee will be reimbursed, i.e. deducted from the cost of repair.

Individual units:EUR 75
Assemblies smaller than DN 100/NPS 4:EUR 150
Assemblies from DN 100 to 200/NPS 4 to 8:  EUR 200
Assemblies larger than DN 200/NPS 8:EUR 250


Goods returned for warranty clarification

  • Flat rates for unjustified warranty claims:
    • Fee for creating a findings report as specified above (deduction from order as specified above)
    • EUR 50 for extended inspection
  • Other flat rates on request:
    • EUR 50 per detailed findings report for justified warranty claims
    • EUR 30 for detailed photo documentation per device

When registering goods shipments for crediting, you accept the cost and fees that arise in connection with such returns as specified below.

  • Return of goods delivered from stock in their original state, regardless of whether the packaging has been opened or is still intact: 20 % deduction from the net sales price, at least EUR 100.00 per device.

Each return of goods means considerable administrative expenditure for us and impairs cost-effective stock-keeping. We need to check the proper functioning of returned goods thoroughly before putting them back into our stock so that we can grant the full warranty as specified in our general terms and conditions of contract when the goods are sold again.

  • The return cost of made-to-order products depends on the condition, age, and device type. The cost is calculated after a thorough inspection, but it will at least amount to 60 % of the net sales price.
  • Electronic devices cannot be returned once the two-year period after delivery has expired.
  • On principle, we do not take back special versions, switching cabinets, obsolete models, and used equipment.
Exceptions for special device types

Your local engineering and sales office or your local SAMSON subsidiary serve as exclusive contacts if you have any queries concerning the following device types:

DN 25/NPS 1 and smaller

  • Type 3222 Globe Valve
  • Type 3226 Three-way Valve
    • TROVIS 5724 Electric Actuator with Process Controller
    • TROVIS 5725 Electric Actuator with Process Controller
    • TROVIS 5757 Electric Actuator with Process Controller
    • Type 5821 Actuator
    • Type 5822 Actuator
    • Type 5824 Electric Actuator
    • Type 5825 Electric Actuator
    • Type 5853 Electric Actuator
    • Type 5856 Electric Actuator
    • Type 5857 Electric Actuator

      DN 25/NPS 1 and smaller

      • Type 2431 K Valve
      • Type 2432 K Valve
      • Type 2434 Steam Pressure Reducing Valve
      • Type 2433 K Valve
      • Type 2435 K Valve
      • Type 2436 K Valve
      • Type 2437 K Valve
      • Type 2438 Hydraulic Controller
      • Type 2465 Differential Pressure Regulator with flow limitation
      • Type 2469 Flow and Temperature Regulator
      • Type 2479 Differential Pressure Limiter and Temperature Regulator with Flow Limitation
      • Type 2488 Flow Regulator
      • Type 2489 Flow Regulator
      • Type 44-0 B Pressure Reducing Valve
      • Type 44-1 B Pressure Reducing Valve
      • Type 44-2 Pressure Reducing Valve
      • Type 44-3 Safety Shut-off Valve
      • Type 44-4 Safety Excess Pressure Valve
      • Type 44-6 B Excess Pressure Valve
      • Type 44-7 Excess Pressure Valve
      • Type 44-8 Safety Excess Pressure Valve
      • Type 44-9 Safety Shut-off Valve
      • Type 45-1 Differential Pressure Regulator
      • Type 45-2 Differential Pressure Regulator
      • Type 45-3 Differential Pressure Regulator
      • Type 45-4 Differential Pressure Regulator
      • Type 45-6 Differential Pressure Regulator
      • Type 45-9 Flow Regulator
      • Type 46-6 Differential Pressure Regulator with Flow Limitation
      • Type 46-7 Flow and Differential Pressure Regulator
      • Type 47-1 Flow and (Differential) Pressure Regulator
      • Type 47-4 Flow and (Differential) Pressure Regulator
      • Type 47-5 Flow and Differential Pressure Regulator
      • Type 50 ES/EM Pressure Reducing Valve
      • TROVIS 5610 Heating and District Heating Controller
      • TROVIS 5724 Electric Actuator with Process Controller
      • TROVIS 5725 Electric Actuator with Process Controller
      • TROVIS 5757 Electric Actuator with Process Controller
      Declaration on contamination
      Non-conformance report (NCR)
      Non-conformance report (NCR) – SAMSON France


      Type 58xx and Type 3x74 Actuators
      Types 3725, 3793, 3730-x and 3731-x Positioners
      Types 64xx and 5xxx Controllers