Type 3599 Axial flow Valve

Control Valve with integrated characteristics of Globe Valves and Rotary Valves

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Source: Horizonte Minero N° 139 (Page 24-26)


  • High flow capacity, combined with high rangeability
  • Unique Rotary-to-Linear drive mechanism simplifies actuator requirements. Less friction and backlash than linear transmission systems.
  • Drive mechanism’s multiplier effect give maximum thrust when it is needed & increases rangeability
  • Balanced plug, stem guiding for smooth operation. Dirt insensitive design.
  • Variety of cage designs to handle critical applications
  • Low fugitive emissions due to rotating actuator stem

Technical Data

Valve size NPS 4 to 48
Pressure rating Class 150 to 2500
Type of connection Flanges: RF or RTJ ANSI/ASME B16.5
Seat-plug seal Metal seal · Soft seal
Characteristic Equal percentage · Linear · On/off
Temperature range –76 to +392 °F (–60 to +200°C)
Leckage class IV according to ANSI/FCI 70 2 and DIN EN 60354-4
V according to ANSI/FCI 70 2 and DIN EN 60354-4

Axial Valve Designs

The Axial Valve combines the characteristics of a cage valve with its design robustness (including cages designed for anti-cavitation and noise reduction purposes), best control features and that of rotary valves with its low actuating force and low emission packing. In the end, axial flow valves provides compact design, with high flow capacity. This valve design is intended for use in ON/OFF & Control applications.


The high capacity, combined with the large rangeability, cause axial valve to be acknowledged as the ideal design to provide control over the full range of process conditions with a single valve.

The plug is supported by the robust stem guide and not by the cage. This limits the potential for debris getting stuck between the cage and the plug, potentially causing control problems and possible trim damage.

On-off Axial Valve

SAMSON Axial valves can achieve lower pressure drop with a smaller actuator and shorter operating time. Typically used for on-off, service, this cage has windows to maximize capacity. This design with standard hole pattern are also used for non-critical control applications.

Control Axial Valve

A variety of single or multi-drop cages are available to cope with the most stringent requirements in critical applications. Single double and multi-drop stage cages or discs, giving recovery factors (FL) as high as 0,99 can cope with the most critical service conditions.

Typical fields of application

An ideal application is centrifugal compressors, as commonly used in gas transmission compressor stations, petro-chemical installations, which display a potentially destructive phenomenon called "surge". Surge is a reversal of high velocity flow that can have catastrophic consequences to the compressor. To protect the compressor, the anti-surge valve control valve must open very fast and eject the surge. These valves have to be fast acting but also have high capacity and anti-noise designs. Due to the high capacity of the axial flow valve, several stages can be used in order to reduce the noise level of these applications. The crank-lever system design of the Axial Flow Control Valve, transform a small torque into a big thrust, allowing the valve to require smaller actuator sized, which in consequence increases precision and speed of control.

Mining provides a large proportion of the raw materials needed for modern technologies. During the extraction process, the accumulated mine water is constantly pumped out to ensure a safe extraction process. The SAMSON Axial flow valves 3599 and Axial check valves are used in applications to protect the pump during the start-up and shutdown operations.

SAMSON provides the control equipment and solutions required when extracting and treating water. Drinking water is water that has a high level or purity. As a result, components coming into contact with the drinking water must not contaminate the water in any way. They need to be resistant to corrosion and erosion, yet be capable of withstanding high temperatures and flow velocities. The SAMSON 3599 Axial flow valves are used in pipeline applications where the potable water is transported from plants. These valves can handle critical flow conditions such as cavitation and reliably control flow rates in pipeline.